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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Monthly Archives: April 2010

Ace Jonez: Drinks On Me

New track by Ace Jonez titled “Drinks On Me.”

S.H.A.H. Cipha – Street Angel produced by Drawzilla


GoodFellas – “Lost Soul” Ft Kyle Owens Presents: D-Rock Delaware

D-Rock and Machado wrecked shop at Delaware State of Mind 4. D-Rock is one of the rappers in Delaware recording tracks that become anthems in the clubs. Here he explains the “Ahaat” movement and the difference between him and other rappers.

Friendly Reminder-Lloyd Banks & G-Unit Live Saturday April 17, 2010

“THE BEAMER BENZ OR BENTLEY AFFAIR” WITH “LLOYD BANKS & G-UNIT LIVE” Saturday April 17, 2010 @ CLUB QUEST 1605 N. Claymont Street, Wilmington, DE. “LIVE PERFORMANCE BY” “LLOYD BANKS” Music by Doc B, Cosmic “Stricktly Skillz” Kev, & Dj Jamar ADVANC…

Q&A With Shizz Nitty & Matty Gate$

For years if you mentioned Delaware hip hop anywhere outside of the tri-state area, you might get a blank stare or a confused look. For a long time I have had to hear people make the same joke when I say where I’m from…..”Dela-where?” Delaware hip…

Jon Conner at Delaware State of Mind #4

Jon Conner is a well known rapper from Delaware who has worked with a number of nationally known artists, including Haystacks, Freeway, Jae Millz and others. Conner released his first album in 1996. He now runs the BG Music Group and is fronting a…

The 49ers at Delaware State of Mind Concert

A number of top rappers gathered at the Delaware State of Mind #4 concert earlier this week, held at Pale Dogs. interviewed most of the acts on the bill for the evening, which included artists like Blu Chip, Trigga Trig and The …

Reese – Point of No Return

The first time I saw Reese, he was wrecking shop at a Schoolly D. show in North Philly. He also had one of the final shows at The East End.

New Music: Jet Phynx – S.T.S

First single to come off Jet Phynx debut album titled “The Art” is “S.T.S.” Enjoy teaser of “STS” single! Full song releases this week!