Danny Ace Valentine, originally from Chester, Pa., has had a share of struggles straight off of a rap single. But Ace The Future, as he is better known, eventually got on the right track when his musical talent was cultivated while he was living with his cousin Power, of The Wu Tang Clan. Ace went on to produce a career-boosting remix track for Wu Tang for their single, “Unpredictable,” with Treach and worked on the soundtrack for the movie “When Will I Be Loved?” starring Neve Campbell as well as the Afro-Samurai Soundtrack.  He also starred in a Fila commercial.

Ace now resides in Delaware and owns Numani Couture on 29th and Market streets (currently relocating to downtown Wilmington) where he recently had a CD release event for his new album “Ace In Retro;” a compilation of movie soundtracks and The Wu Tang remixed single Unpredictable w/Treach all produced by Ace The Future, closing out one chapter and a sharing a taste of the new material with tracks by famed Bad Boy Producer Herb Middleton (Total-Can’t U see, Mary J. Blige, Method Man-You’re All I Need). Bonus track with Ghostface Killah.

 Dream Factory Corp. record label

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