Bernard Hopkins on Hip-Hop and Delaware

So we know Bernard is taking on Roy Jones Jr. this weekend. We sat down and kicked it with B Hop and he talked on boxing, Floyd Mayweather, Rick Ross and Hip-Hop in general. Peep an excerpt.

Nobody has seen Jay-Z house, have they? Think about it. Look at the ignorance. Take this as a lesson dog, this is straight knowledge. I’m sitting pretty good. You never see anyone up in my house in Delaware unless they got helicopters. I take them to the condos in Philly and Miami, and they desperately been trying to get to the main house for the last 10 years. They know it’s nice, HBO is like “people got to see it Bernard, see your business savvy, etc.”  I say nah, [because] then they won’t want to give me any more checks! I know human nature. Noooo, the less they see the better I’m off.

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  1. Oh yeah? I’ve been in your house, fixing your FiOS. Guess that makes me the MAN!! By the way, it’s very nice.

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