Controversial Rapper Emile Talks Obsession & Battling Mental Illness

Hip Hop artist Emile might be a “strange brew” for some. Anyone who would set the tone of this call-in interview with by promptly shocking the interviewer, telling her he was in his boxers, is already outside of the box before anything else is determined. This Magnolia, Delaware based rapper has a definite affinity for shock value. Emile seems to enjoy provoking his followers, be it through controversial imagery or casually breaking exclusive information to DHH about his history with mental illness. Emile is a philosophical, polite and easy going individual whose stories and experiences, you might assume, would contrast his demeanor and ability. But Emile has been hailed as “the new generation of hip hop” by legendary rapper Busy Bee and has worked extensively with Max B (formerly of Dipset) including on the acclaimed single “Genesis” whose video comes full circle back to the concept of controversial, provocative lyrics and images that challenge the sensibilities. In the video for “Genesis” a fan is obsessed with Emile and some of his darker lyrics seem to haunt the young suburbanite. In his newest video “Ashes” Emile talks about an obsessive relationship and learning to let go. Emile’s own son makes a cameo in the video. The rapper is not gimmick-based or calculated. His lyrics derive from having been to what he calls “the darkest place you could ever go,” a mental institution, which Emile visited several times beginning in high school. For reasons he did not state specifically he sufficed to say there were things going on in his life he could not cope with. Although flirting with his past experiences with mental illness may be a risky endeavor, Emile finds it cathartic and hopes it will help people realize it can be managed and that it will help society to get over the stigma.  Lyrics notwithstanding, Emile seems as sharp as ever these days. His marketing game is outstanding as he has been featured in Source Magazine and XXL. Emile has gotten crazy feedback on his Coast To Coast Mixtape features and has over 100,000 hits on his Youtube page and over 2,000 subscribers. Emile’s highly anticipated mixtape “The Rise” will be avail. soon. Stay Locked to

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