DelawareHipHop Presents: Q&A With 100.3’s Kendra G.  What artist are you looking forward to seeing the most this weekend? 

Ludacris and Trey equally. Ludacris because he is actually a friend and I’m so proud of him and all of his success. And Trey because I watched his career progress and now he has become this big superstar. I love them both and the great thing is I get to bring them both on stage! So excited!!!  What’s the difference between this region and the other regions where you were on the air? 

Kendra G: Every city is different! Chicago was a GREAT city but I’m an east coast girl at heart! I’m actually from Connecticut,  so it’s great to be in Philly! Philly has embraced me and I LOVE them so much for that. They say that Philly keeps it real so its good to know that they actually like me! The biggest difference in each city is always the people. Chicago people tend to be a little more laid back where’s Philly people are aggressive!  As a woman in the business, what kind of challenges have you encountered? 

Kendra G: I think sometimes people think I’m too aggressive or too blunt. If I were a man people wouldn’t feel that way, but most people don’t expect me to be as aggressive as I am. I take my career very seriously and I leave the emotions at home when it comes to business! So the biggest challenge is to get people to understand that I’m not mean, at times …just out spoken. (laughs). Some women have the challenge with men disrespecting them, but I don’t have that problem. I think its because I carry myself a certain way.  Why do you feel it is important to be a role model? 

Kendra G: VERY IMPORTANT TO ME! Honestly I feel lucky to be me. I’m so grateful words can’t explain it! I know I am blessed and GOD has allowed me to actually live out my dreams and its very important to me that I remember that. I know anyone can do my job, but it’s mine! So since GOD allowed my voice to be heard throughout the tri-state area I better be talking about something worth while! I truly realized this in 2008 when I moved to Philly and that’s when I created “Abstinence is Kool” which is a challenge to get teen girls to say no to sex for the school. The best thing I have ever done!  Who are some of the people who have inspired you over the years? 

Kendra G: Oh God Janet Jackson, Oprah and Beyonce! Janet because when I was young I wanted to be her! Beyonce because she taught me about hard work, being an independent woman and being beautiful inside and out. And Oprah…will because she is OPRAH!  Where do you expect to be in ten years? 

Kendra G: On TV….so make sure you stay tune in!

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