The Groove Lounge Presents: Dice Raw

Rapper, Dice Raw has one of the sickest flows to ever touch the rap game. Nonetheless, as he states in one of his songs “I’m probably the most underrated rapper in the land.” He first came to mainstream attention in 1994 as a member of the critically acclaimed rap band The Roots. He is credited with helping to shape the group’s unique sound which is probably best described as a fusion of jazz and soul played with live instruments and driven by hip hop rhythms. Like other members of The Roots such as Black Thought, Dice Raw began to develop an individual following that respected his musical and lyrical approach to hip hop and hailed him as the savior of “real hip hop.” However, Dice Raw’s 2001 debut album “Reclaiming The Dead” gravitated away from the very element that made him credible, opting for a more commercial approach. The album was a critical and commercial disappointment. Today, Dice has returned to making music that is the truest representation of who he is as an artist. Reflecting on that time in his career Dice says;


“When I was making “Reclaiming the Dead,” I was trying to save hip hop. It’s a quest that a lot of MC’s go on, but it’s an unnecessary quest. It’s like looking for pirate treasure that only exists in an old pirate’s mind, and it will eventually make him go insane. There is nothing wrong with hip hop in the first place. It is what it is, and becomes what it becomes. Progression and change are natural. I was blinded by my own arrogance.”


In spite of the setbacks, Dice has maintained success consistently with The Roots and as a songwriter. His illustrious catalogue includes;

The Lesson, Pt. 1




Diedre vs. Dice

Ain't Sayin' Nothin' New

As far as attempting commercial solo success again or a ‘comeback’ Dice had this to say;

“Hip hop isn't comeback friendly for a few reasons. The first is that Hip Hop wasn’t allowed to grow up so rappers could never mature with their audience. Another reason is that rappers have to stay in character and aren’t allowed to be versatile, which can make an artist become trapped and bored in hip hop and not want to make records anymore. I mean I could go on for weeks about this, but at the end of the day all the reasons don't mean anything to someone like LL Cool J who has had tons of comebacks. Another artist who I’m really impressed with is Twista, who has been around since the 80’s. Jay Z was down with Big Daddy Kane, Lil Wayne has got 12 years in the game so does Fab. Old rules are exactly that, old rules.”


Dice Raw can be heard on the Roots hit album and single "How I Got Over", as well as some of the groups most popular hits, which raises the question as to whether the concept of a Dice Raw comeback is necessary or appropriate.


“Well, it’s not really about a comeback for me. I’ve been deeply involved in this community and culture and have worked with some of the biggest stars this planet has ever seen. I feel like “Reclaiming the Dead” was not a good representation of what I bring to the table, in terms of my song writing abilities and versatility with different genres of music. So anything new I’m putting out now, I’m going to be focused on being true to myself, and at the same time, doing what I’ve always done – which is helping other people in the game and up-and-comers.


Dice Raw will be performing at Mojo on Main on Thursday at the Groove Lounge.

The Groove Lounge, Delaware’s longest running hip hop event, is a peaceful night of classic Hip-Hop and tomorrows Hip-Hop legends. The best of the Delaware Valley
(Philadelphia, Delaware, Maryland, South Jersey) come together for a  monumental performance. Dice Raw’s new group Money Making Jam Boys, which includes Black Thought as a member quickly garnished a national buzz after listeners determined the music to be exceptional. 

Supporting Dice Raw will be a who's who of Delaware Hip-Hop including, Sound Bwoi Killas, Rich Raw, Thurro, and The 49ers who recently topped The Japan iTunes Hip-Hop chart. Mojo on Main is Delaware's newest live music venue. With a fresh start, new sound equipment, and a lighting show by Advanced Trance Lighting, The Groovelounge's atmosphere puts you inside of the Hip-Hop Music.


What: The Groove Lounge presents-Dice Raw and Money Making Jam Boys

Where: Mojo on Main 270 E. Main st. Newark Delaware

When: Thurs Night Oct 28th    (Time)

Cost: Advanced tickets $10 available in Delaware @ Mojo on Main, Wonderland Records, Sams Music Connection, more @ the door. 21 and up.

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