El Debarge came through Doc B’s annual Black Friday Experience in Wilmington, DE and tore it down! El got his swerve on at the Chase Center like he was up in the club! He was still gorgeous, very humble,charming and accessible to his fans, taking pictures and later coming offstage mingling with the crowd and dancing with a few lucky ladies!  El broke off a few of his classics to the crowd’s delight and played songs from his new CD Second Chances stating that he was making the night in DE his official listening party. El is on a triumphant comeback path after career lows which included substance abuse and incarceration.  
“Prison was very depressing, very antagonizing,” El DeBarge said. “There was nothing about being there that inspired me. I just prayed, read a lot and had great anticipation for that day when they said, ‘You’re released and you’re going home.’  “DeBarge, a born-again Christian, told that the album was his “spiritual memoir.”

The album is produced in part by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and Babyface and includes tracks with 50cent and Faith Evans. His duet with Faith Evans “Lay With You.” is his current single.
“They [songs] came to me on a need-to-know basis from the Lord,” DeBarge said. “I gather it all up at that moment and try to process and structure it into a three- or four-minute song — and that’s not easy to do. These are great, big, huge experiences, from personal and business relationships to the house that was lost or the prison sentence served.”
“I feel strength, having had the experiences I’ve had,” said DeBarge. “I have confidence.  I know what I’ve gone through and that I’ve overcome it, it didn’t overcome me. Now I’m stronger, I’ve embraced it and I’m going all the way.”

Be sure to support El’s new album and his “second chance.”

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