@haat Hits With Marketing Savvy and Good Timing

Regardless of what the haters have to say about @haat you can’t deny their marketing genius. @haat’s Ceo and hype man D Rock, along with rap soloists Yung Lamborghini Deezy, Why-It Everybody’s Favorite and Machado Pa have busted out a string of hit videos over the last year. The rappers focus on party anthems, state anthems and other commercially appealing material and have a knack for timing and capitalizing on an opportunity. Their latest hit by Wht-It and Yung was an audio only you tube upload of Blue and Yellow which is a timely DE take on Whiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow. It has taken 91,000 hits in two months which is the highest known for any hip hop artist in the 302.  Since then, they have completed the actual video.(featured below) Another such example; Yung Deezy plugged his song “Tiny and Toya”  to the reality show’s star Tiny, former singer of Xscape and wife of T.I. and she picked up on the tune and posted it.
Machado Pa tatted and mohawked flips his flow from English to Spanish and D Rock”s constant shout out to DE and “A-haat” call is not only their trademark tag but is catching on as a slang for a sarcastic quip of laughter….Marketing!  However you define their formula it is definitely getting them attention. In response to their critics Yung Lamborghini Deezy had this to say; “We’re trying to bring fun back to hip hop!” 
But perhaps D Rock sums it up best by sayin “A-haat!”

Check out @haat Jan-14-2011 in The News Journal and under

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