DHH Hott Pic, Chainz Gully stay on his grind. He has been consistently putting out material for the last few years and was way ahead of the curve in the independent music video game. To date it;  Chainz Gully has been putting out cutting edge videos since the heyday of Myspace working with a creative teen director named Kyle Wit Da Camera. But long before that, Chainz spent a short stint in a hip hop/vocal group called “The Goodfellas” as an adolescent. The ambitious grade-schoolers wrote a song and even cut a demo. The group disbanded leaving two members who than became the duo Fame and Chainz. Chainz Gully has been quietly and patiently waiting for his chance to bubble. Now Chainz is definitely gettin’ his weight up in his own right and is also workin with some of the 302’s best known rappers. Be sure to look out for the new mixtape  by Chainz Gully  “Better Business.”


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