Lowski, H.I.T & 4 Deep Invite You To Take a Walk on The Dark Side….

Lowski & H.I.T’s collabo “Dark Thoughts” is an eerie introspective look into the duality and spiritual conflict we all share. We have all heard the expression “The Devil made me do it” and seen the cliche’ image of the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. We all deal with hardships that seem at the time to have an easy and quick resolution through devious and dastardly acts. Often, this will resolve the immediate problem but opens a portal that causes others pain and sucks you into a vortex of deeds that get darker and darker just to cover up and maintain. Lowski and H.I.T are up and coming emcees from the hip hop ensemble 4 Deep. Dark Thoughts is the new single from 4 Deep’s upcoming mixtape “Loyalty” hosted by DJ Big Ant. It is a refreshing return to the storytelling style of hip hop.The song is a bold an honest work and compells us all to confront our dark side…. and hopefully challenge it. The video is equally as eerie and will take you on this journey. Turn off the lights, take a deep breath and watch it full screen…IF YOU DARE!!!! (Bhawa-ha ha-haaa!)


4 DEEP MIXTAPE-LOYALTY 4Deepmuzik-Loyalty-mixtape.294775.html



  1. Thanks alot L for the opportunity, this was definately appreciated on behalf of the whole 4deep family….. Loyalty

  2. My pleasure. This is a great concept! Thanks for trusting me with your precious art and allowing me the opportunity to be invlolved.

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