Michael Martin: Hot New Photographer on The Scene-breaks Melodic’s New Look (SEE GALLERY)

If you haven’t heard of Michael Martin, you will! Michael Martin seems to have come from out of nowhere to emerge as one of the hottest up and coming photographers in the region. Michael appears to have a particular gift for capturing the essence of music artists in their element, telling their stories with his lens, conveying the desired emotion and capturing the moment! His stylized photography clues us in to Michael’s passion and artistry as well. Michael’s brand M/M Productions has filmed everything from hip hop to rock and R&B. Recently Michael has had sessions with hip hop artist, Nate Buck, Rock band Discount Heroes and now breaks the new look of hot R&B singer, Melodic who has 3 million downloads on his song “So Stellar” from the soundtrack of the movie “Steppin” with Mo’ Nique and Anthony Anderson. With its stunning scenery, Michael tells DHH that Melodic is one of his best shoots so far. The creme de la creme of that particular shoot was chosen as the cover and promo shot for the Melodic’s single “Pretty Faces” and will be revealed when the single is released later this Spring.  In addition to photography Michael does graphic designs and videography. With affordable prices and an impressive resume building Michael Martin and his M/M Productions is sure to be a sought after commodity very soon. DHH talked to the ambitious photog;

DHH: What is the key to being a good photographer?
Michael: The key to being a good photographer is to have the feel for what you want in a photo, such as your surroundings or the person your photographing. Also having an eye for what you’re shooting as well because when I take a photo, I want people to see it and say.”Wow, that’s really amazing!” or “How did he do that!!?!”

DHH: What are some of your highlights and favorites as a photographer and why?

Michael: My highlights as a photographer would have to be meeting amazing new people, celebrities, even traveling to new destinations that I have never been,. Experiencing new environments in the world is a great pleasure to me because as an artist I get to use it as a tool in my work, and build experiences, take things to great heights.

DHH: Who are some of the people you have worked with?

Michael: The people I have worked with are bands such as The World Ends With You, We Attack on Sunday, Malicious Intent R & B/ Rappers Melodic aka your favorite artist, Young Taz, Nate Buck, The Blackk Mozart, Tao Music Group!! Places I have visited are Barcelona, Spain Paris, France Frankfort, Germany numerous places in the United States as well

DHH: Do you tie in your pics with graphic designs?

Michael: Yes I do, I went to college for Graphic Design and minored in Photo, ever since than I loved to take my photos and use them in a skill design piece. Even working with clients I have used my photos for designs such as Bands, Artists, etc.

DHH: What else do you have to offer in the field and what separates Michael Martin from others doing the same thing?

Michael: Other than photography, I offer many other things, highly skilled in Graphic Design and also Videography. My business ranges all over the artistic board. What makes me different from other people? Im different because this is what I do for a living, I love life everyday because I get to get up in the morning and work as a designer or a photographer or a videographer, art is life to me and I love every second I get to do it. Also, I work well with my clients and know how to pursue what they’re looking for, besides being reasonable in price and reliable, I’am a well rounded artist who loves to capture, design, or film someone’s big day,any event, sports, you name it I’m there!!

M/M Productions

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