Poet Diva Shivice Brown is making serious waves with her debut album, “Just Wanna Be Heard.” The album is a long-awaited recall to musicality and profound words. It consists of melodies and poetry, hooks and harmonies. It is one of the most creative and eclectic such mixes since Floetry’s debut. Shivice evolved from a shy withdrawn adolescent into an introspective and outspoken young woman and is sharing that journey, even the most private and painful experiences, with the world. The album has a crisp live band sound and each track is anointed with inspiration. “Just Reach” borrows from the Earth Wind,& Fire classic “Keep Your Head To The Sky.” “Hold On” begins with an intro that is contemporary gospel then takes you into another genre and realm. And the new single “Makes Me Smile” is about acknowledging and always remaining enamored by the little things he does. The single’s video is a boldy sexy interpretation. Shivice has been tearing up the live circuit in the Tri-State area including Delaware and Philadelphia. Her creativity and passion is evident in her delivery throughout the album and live. Look for Shivice to blaze a trail for the mainstream return of the spoken word artist. Call her The Poet Diva….

Shivice B. Exclusive Interview

Makes Me Smile Video

Just Wanna Be Heard album download

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