Q&A With Shizz Nitty & Matty Gate$

For years if you mentioned Delaware hip hop anywhere outside of the tri-state area, you might get a blank stare or a confused look. For a long time I have had to hear people make the same joke when I say where I’m from…..”Dela-where?” Delaware hip hop has mostly consisted of underground artists who are hustling to get a buzz beyond the local scene.

Wilmington native, rapper Shizz Nitty & OT Records is going to change that very soon. On March 3rd OT Records CEO Matty Gate$ and Shizz Nitty met with Cecil Chambers of E1 Entertainment (Formally Koch Records) to ink the first major distribution deal in Delaware history.

Chambers, who had multiple Grammy’s and top hits, has produced some of the industries most famous artists. Some of E1’s talent roster includes DJ Khaled, Clipse, Jim Jones, KRS-ONE, & Juvenile, just to name a few.

Shizz Nitty’s rising buzz is fueled by his hit single, “Sox In Da Air”, which has become the official Delaware hood anthem.

Shizz is going to be the first artist pushed nationally from the Wilmington raised OT Records, which has a long roster full of Delaware talent.

Other then Shizz nitty the label consists of artist, Chuck 50, Clark Bar, 5thWard, Mr. Dicer, Bobby Dime$, Keena,Sap, Lump Geez aka Young $, and Core DJ, DJ Bran.O

Interview with Matty Gate$ & Shizz Nitty:

Explain what the new deal consist of?

Gate$: Basically it’s a distribution deal for OT Records with E1 ENT, Shizz Nitty being the first artist coming out on the strength of “Sox in da air” & “Man Down.”My man JoJo form SKP Publishing is the one that set up the meeting. We met with Cecil Chambers whose worked with the whose who of the industry, from Usher to Mariah Carey. It’s a great situation for us as an independent label because we still have the freedom to business as we please.

What do you see this deal doing for OT Records as a whole?

Gate$: When Shizz comes out he’s going to open up the door for the rest of our camp to be featured on his album. Then they will have a chance to do their own projects.

Speaking of projects, any new ones coming up?

Shizz Nitty: Well my upcoming solo album is called “Boss, Business Over Sucker S#*t”
Matty Gate$: Also May 4th is the release date for “Sox In Da Air” to be pushed nationally, it will be available on iTunes, Best Buy, Wal- Mart, or anywhere u can get music physically and digitally
Shizz Nitty: Also look out for my mixtape “Fresh Dope” and also we got “On Deckery 2” Coming soon.

Will there be a new video for “Sox in da air?”

Matty Gate$: Yea that’s in the works as well. I mean you going to start seeing Shizz everywhere from movie soundtracks to most likely a couple movies.
Shizz Nitty: We trying to take over everything, MTV, BET etc. (Laughs)

How did OT Records Start?

Matty Gates: OT Records of started by Artega Green and Burtran Marshall in 2001. They had a couple legal problems so since we all grew up together, me and Shizz took over for them.

What does this deal mean since you come from Delaware?

Shizz Nitty: The world going to be like “we didn’t know Delaware had this much swag.”

Matty Gate$: This mean history for the state of Delaware as a whole, but we’re still not satisfied with where we are now. We want to be selling 40 million records soon and build our own empire. We’re not sitting back wait for someone to give it to us.

What’s the motivation for your music?

Shizz Nitty: Life experience, anything I do on a daily basis can be used in a song.

Matty Gate$: A lot of life experiences can motivate your music good or bad. For instance one of our founders Artega Green was unlawfully incarcerated for 4 years then had his case overturned, then a week after his release he was murdered. If that’s not motivation then I don’t know what is.

Anything else you want to say to the world?

Shizz Nitty: “I AM S.H.I. double Z/ N.I then you doubleon the T/ why a homie gotta be so G/ East coast lets ride/ it’s Ya Boy Shizz Nitty/ Yeeaaa I AM.”

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