Q&A With The Party King

Here are two questions from Friday’s upcoming feature on D. “Party King” Grayson by D-Rock Draper.

Party King has been smashing the clubs for years up at the top of the state in Wilmington and down in Dover as well. Pale Dogs, Enyigma, Palms, old Union Tavern, Equator and Good Shot (RIP). Give me a little background on how you started throwing events. 

Party King: Well it started in September of 2000 when me a few friends started doing event security. Then we all decided that we could throw a better party, so why keep doing security when we can throw our own party and make money that way. 
Which venue did you use for your first event? 

The first venue I did a party at was at Cranston Height Fire Hall in the Pike Creek area. Me and a group of my friends called ourselves Blood Brothers Ent. We put parties on twice a month for that first year, Which type of crowd did you gear your parties toward when you first started? 

Party King: Well our company started out doing 21 & up events that were geared toward the grown and sexy. From there I branched off and started my own company (Empire Events) and started doing high school parties as well. 

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