“Supa O” The Contender-Wilm. Boxing Champ (special editorial)

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The small wonders of Delaware never cease. There are a number of individuals with outstanding accolades not just in hip hop but in their respective fields of entertainment that somehow fly under the radar of mainstream knowledge. Take Omar Douglas for example; though his may not be a story about a rapper it is a story of urban interest and noteworthy achievement, so we stepped outside the box on this one!  Who knew that Wilmington, Delaware housed a native child who is a six time Golden Gloves Champion and one-time national champ, and who holds a total of 12 championship belts and broke Mike Tyson’s tournament record? A teenager nonetheless! The Contender, Omar, “Little O” or “Supa O” as he is known to some for his superior hand skills, received his training at the William Hicks Anderson Community Center in Wilmington with the WHACC Boxing Warriors Program. The late Head Coach, Lou Lum, for whom the community’s center gym was renamed in honor of the former pro boxer, is given credit for shaping WHACC’s program into a nationally recognized boxing training program. It was under the guidance of coach Lum that The WHACC Boxing Warriors battled their way to the numerous national tournaments including the National Pal Boxing League in 2006 where Omar Douglas broke the tournament record previously held by Mike Tyson for the fastest knockout. Currently, Omar is competing in the Mid Atlantic Tournament as part of the process of qualifying for the Olympic team. Olympic trials will take place in Colorado. At the time of this interview “O” had 121 wins to his credit. Last weekend at the Mid Atlantic Tournament in Philadelphia, Omar stopped his opponent in the third round, winning by a TKO and making this win number 122 for the 19 year old.  

Mid Atlantic Boxing Tournament Jan 22nd and 29th.
On Sat Jan 29th @ 4:30 Omar will go head to head at the Front Street Gym 2076 E. Clearfield St. Philadelphia, PA 19134 for the state level championship and the chance to compete in the Regionals in Baltimore. The winner of the regional portion of the contest will compete in the Olympic trials in Colorado.   



Supa O” took some time out from his strict regimen to talk with DHH (exclusive)


So, you are a Golden Gloves Champ?

I’m a six time Golden Gloves champ (the city of Philadelphia and the state of Pennsylvania) and a one time national champ.


What is your classification? Are you semi-pro?

Basically, It’s like one step away from professional boxing. Everybody is trying to make their run at the Olympics. It’s the last chance to make a run at the Olympics. The best amateurs compete and try and make the Olympics. It would be considered like a semi-pro.


What’s your weight class?

I fight Jr. lightweight which is 132.


When did you recognize you had boxing skills?

I don’t know. I basically used to watch boxing with my grandfather and he used to see me out trying to box my friends and all that and he brought me a pair of gloves and from there he just took me to a gym.


How old were you?

I think I was like eight when I first got in the gym


We’re you getting in any street fights? (laughs)

Oh no! I’d always been in the gym so I never really had that problem.


I understand you broke a Mike Tyson tournament record.

Oh yeah, That’s when I won my first national, the quarter finals of the national tournament. I probably had to be like 14 and my first fight only went 8 seconds. Then the next day I won the whole thing.


How do you knock somebody out in 8 seconds?

I don’t know. I came out there and took charge and I just let everything fall into place. It just happened. I wasn’t going in there looking for a knockout or nothing. I was just going in there trying to win.



What’s your record?

I got 138 bouts. 121 wins and 17 losses.


What is your training regimen like?

I work out twice a day. When I come into the gym on Mondays, I take the weekends off by the way, and we hit the weights Then after we hit the weights, I might run a good ten miles. Depending on how the weather is we’re outside at the track or indoor on the treadmill. Then after that I go to the house and I get a little rest then I’m back at the gym at four or five hitting the bag for like two hours straight. And it’s the same thing everyday until the weekend.



 I imagine your diet is pretty strict. No Sweets…?

Yeah…well it depends on what we are trying to do because not all the time do I fight at 132. I bounce around to 141, 132, 135. When it’s tournament time I gotta make the weight so I stop eating like that and focus on making the weight. So, I don’t really watch what I eat until it’s tournament time.


There is a lot of boxing history connected to Delaware and some of them were your coaches as well. Can you talk a little bit about that?

The late Lou Lum was my coach for a long time. And I also used to work with the late Rick Hoey and a well known boxer from Delaware Sonny Bono, he always was my man he kinda like showed me the ropes and Doug Pettiford. He helped me win my first national, him and coach Lum.




So, you are doing a lot of great things. What is the last step before getting into the Olympics?

I gotta win here (State of Pennsylvania) Then the regionals, from there the Olympic trials which is in Colorado. Then after that I’m on the team.


Delaware let’s route for our hometown champ. Come out and support!!!!!!!


What: Mid Atlantic Boxing Tournament

When: Sat. Jan 22nd & 29th @ 4:30

Where: Front Street Gym

2076 E. Clearfield St.

Philadelphia, PA 19134

More info:

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