The CrossXFire by The REAL

The next hot thing coming out of Delaware is most definitely Harm and Jae Focus aka The REAL.  Harm and Jae are two of the dopest Wilmington based lyricists to ever blaze the mic. Harm and Jae have been rapping together since their teens, which could explain why they come off on their tracks like seasoned vets at age 22. Jae’s husky voice and intense delivery are a perfect contrast to Harm’s mellow flow and laid back style. They compliment each other perfectly and neither leaves anything to be desired in his writing, which demonstrates a level of consciousness beyond their years. Harm and Jae tackle controversial and political topics as well as they do relationships and the harsh reality of inner city life and loss, all with street credibility and profoundness. The REAL’s music was used extensively on the soundtrack of the Wilmington documentary “What’s Really Hood?” They have been featured on Soulfussion Radio and in September they released their first official mix CD “REALization” at a release party at Mojo 13 where they performed a high energy set that included an improv with a live band. Currently, they are working on their EP “The REAL’S World.”


~L. Burner

facebook: Elle Burner

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