The New Commerz is a rap duo out of Dover, DE with a dope presentation that breathes new life into the game. Mike Shaine has one of the most outstanding rap voices since Q-tip and a never-ending stream of crazy punchlines which together solidify him as a force in his own right. Attitude Tim, who has been dubbed the duo’s pretty boy, plays up his status with a smooth and laid back cadence and his own brand of wit. Their sense of humor is also apparent in their clever verses. Not your typical background for a hip hop story; Mike Shaine (a military brat) has lived abroad, spending 6 years in Japan as a child and Attitude Tim beat the statistics of the young black male and has a college education. But both grew up in Dover and like youths in any hood in any country, they were highly influenced by rap and hip hop culture and eventually completely taken in. New Commerz are racking up thousands of hits on their Youtube page with bangers like “Bananas.” Their single Freaks and Geaks” is infectious and they have just begun to build their buzz. So in 2012 like their mixtape title suggests these boys might end up givin’ emcees some “Problemz!” obtained an exclusive and candid interview with this up and coming duo, New Commerz.

(l-r) Attitude Tim (blue shirt), Mike Shaine (cap) When and how did you get started in music?

Mike Shaine: I was always a fan of hip hop since I was 7 but I was influenced to be a artist when I was like 12 when one of my childhood friend (who also does music) introduced me to writing my own material. I was very insecure about myself and my work I was too scared to show anybody so all I did was write in my note pad. It was kinda like my journal. I started taking it serious and recording when I was 19 when my childhood friend strongly suggested I take it serious ’cause he felt I have a unique style I can bring to the game. So  that’s what I did. I started to notice the positive feedback I was getting from people. It was the best feeling I ever felt ’cause all I was used to was failure I couldn’t do right in school always in trouble wasn’t really good at sports. I was just known as a underachieving class clown and I hated it and wanted a change so now I feel like I found my calling… Tell us abut Attitude Tim;

Attitude Tim: I rep Dover DE to the fullest. I went to middle school, highschool, and college out here and this is where all my people is so this is where I’m from Philly to Cali, to here. Spent my childhood days in Sacramento, and all my teenage days in Dover DE. I always agreed with the saying “its not where you from its where u at.” and I think a lot of guys are forgetting that. Me n Mike Shaine been boys since 2001. We were not put together through music we were both those kids that was always in the office, getting kicked off the bus,and just being bad period. One day I seen him getting jumped and all his boys just sitting there doing nothing so I was like f%ck that and helped him out. We been cool as shit ever since. Mike Shaine is a goofy  guy and I’m the pretty boy so it just makes a perfect combination musically. I don’t like to come off cocky and with a attitude but that’s what they say. I have a son and I love him with all my heart and he really changed me as a man. I’m here to win! No looking backwards Who are your influences?

Mike Shaine: Outkast(My fav rap group of all time)Young Gunz,ludacric,Method Man,Q-tip, Eminem, 2pac,Fabolous, Juelz Santana,My mother and father

Attitude Tim: First and foremost the man upstairs my father and mother with out them I’m nothing musically. My fav of all time, B.I.G of course, 2pac,Jay Z, Big L. Big Pun, 50 cent.. These guys put a stamp on the game but now I’m influenced by Lil Wayne, Tyga, fab,Joey Jihad,and Meek Mill What are your goals?

Mike Shaine: I just want to be heard by thousands of people and just let my music do the talking. I want us to have a sell-out show so packed to where I can stage dive lol. I always wanted to do that. I love Performing! I also just want music to be my permanent income I don’t want to be crazy rich, I just want this to be my FULL TIME job!

Please note: Includes suggestive or explicit lyrics




New Commerz Latest Mixtape- Keep U Guessin Volume 3

“We made music you can rock your head to, club bangers u can dance to, real shit you relate to… everything. We told ourselves a long time ago that we were not going to settle for less than what we can possibly do and we have not yet disappointed.” ~Attitude Tim







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