Throwback 70’s & 80’s Cabaret Sat. Oct 23rd

Throwback 70’s & 80’s Cabaret


This is the perfect season  to give grown-ups an excuse to dress up in outlandish clothing and act out of character. The Throwback Cabaret is such a reason. It will transport you back to 2 of the most stylish decades the urban market has ever known. Who could forget Bellbottoms, loud print dress shirts with stab collars, larger than life sideburns, platform shoes (even on men) and afros? What about parachute pants, legwarmers, off the shoulder shirts, headbands, kangol hats, adidas, track suits and the jheri curl? And even though you might need a wig for your jheri curl or afro now, participants are encouraged to go all out to recapture the sensibilities and clothing of either the 1970’s or the 1980’s. Raid your parents or older relatives’ closets or perhaps their trunks in the attic, check the internet for ideas and don’t forget the thrift stores. Even the music,provided by the untouchable DJ Beave, will be confined to hits from these eras. There will be prizes and games.


*The highlight of the event will be a performance by The region’s most popular Michael Jackson impersonator “Jose Jackson!”


Organizer- Bunnie Anderson, Rosehill Community Center, a non-profit organization


What: The 70’s & 80’s Throwback Cabaret

Where: Rosehill Community Center 19 Lambson Lane New Castle, DE 19720

When: Saturday Oct. 23, 2010 8pm-12

Cost : $10 in advance $15@ Door

More info: (302) 656-8513

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