If you’re about to throw on a Toney Gunnz track you might as well get ready to get your head bob and your sickest stank face on! From his new single the straight banger “Live 4 The Day” to the bonus track, the mellow throwback “Legendary Hall of Fame” where Toney Gunnz sets you up with captivating red light worthy intro that hypnotizes and might just close your eyes… and just when you’re in a trance…Blam! He smacks you in the face with a crazy kick and drives in melodies that seem almost too pretty for his raw, skillful lyrics. But it all aligns perfectly. By the time he spits the first bars you are already drawn in, vested! Now all you have to do is decide whether you want to keep layin’ back with your eyes closed, head bobbin or get your 2 step on! ToneyGunnz is a native Delawarean but developed his flow in West Philly off Cedar Ave and claims ties with Black Wall Street. Toney’s father managed R&B groups back in the day and was close to the likes of R&B greats like Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes…which may be where ToneyGunnz picked up his ear for melody. Be sure to check out his mixtape “Charlie Sheen Winning.” on datpiff.

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